Nanometri Festival


The mission of the festival is to showcase the works of artists experimenting in video and new media inside the European creative hubs network, favouring the cooperation and the international circulation of talents. Key objectives of the festival are the exploration of new visual languagesand allows cultural contamination between various countries.
The vision of the festival is to create an European network of Artists and Professional Creatives who shares experiences, knowledge and artistic productions during the days of the event. The physical foundation of this Vision is the urban regeneration process: the chosen location is the Bastione Sangallo, an historical monument in Fano, that has been brought to new life thanks to cultural association that place here cultural and entertainment events.


“It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is.”
(Richard Feynman)


The nanometer is the reference unit of measurement of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye. It is the unit of measurement of digital technologies, of microprocessors. It is the unit of measurement of the billionth of a meter, of molecules and of atoms.
Nanometri (Nanometers) is the name of the cultural association created to give life to the Festival and to organize events, activities and events dedicated to the visual arts.


  • Audio-Visual Projections: Two cinema-projection areas will be set into the lower floor of the Bastion Sangallo. Both will play the selected audio-visual productions from the open “Call for artists”. Visual Projection Mapping installations will be set into site-specific locations, alongside of the Cinema area.
  • Workshop: During the 3 days, creative workshops will take place, led by the guest and main ts of the Festival. Those events will have specific themes and activities related to the skills of the selected artists.


  • Short-films (animation, fiction, documentaries, ecc)
  • Visual & Light Design– Projection mapping (based on site specific templates)


  • Short Films: works produced in the last 3 years in Europe can participate, there are no limitations of themes or expressive languages. Only films with a duration of less than 30 minutes will be considered.
  • Visual e light design: site specific visual installation will be selected from the open “Call for artists”. Non site-specific visual installation will be selected only if compatible with the dedicated areas of the Bastion Sangallo. 3D and 2D templates of the Bastione will be published and attached to the “Call for artists”.


The projections will take place in the spaces of the bastion according to a calendar and a schedule to be established. Fixed screens will be provided for the projections of short films. Visual Projection Mapping and Light Design will take place in site-specific locations, surfaces and objects.


An European “Call for artists” will be open in April 2019. The goal is to select original shot-films, and feature films productions and alongside visual installation to display and project during the festival.
Selected artists will be invited to artistic residences, and will host and partecipate to Creative Workshops and Activities to produce site specific installation during the festival.


Live Music: In the upper level of the Bastione Sangallo will be set a Stage for Live Music and Audio-Visual Performances.
Performances: the main stage and main garden in the upper level will be also dedicated to theatrical plays and dance projects.


Residences will be planned for selected artists from different European hubs. During these residences the artists will be asked to devise and possibly produce a work inherent to the theme that will be established during the design phase. The residences will have a duration of 7 days and will include moments of co-creation and collective confrontation between the various participants.


  • Nanometri Collective (Main Partner)
  • Associazione Re-Public (Main Partner)
  • Associazione Bastione Sangallo (Hosting Partner)
  • Warehouse Coworking Factory (Creative Hub)
  • European Creative Hubs Network
  • Admiral Films (Andrej Kolencik)
  • Associazione Nanometri 
  • Umanesimo Artificiale
  • OhBoy Creatives! (Digital Agency)
  • BitNet01 Collective


The event offers numerous partnership modes articulated on different levels of presence. Each package includes an exhibition space and an adequate communication of its image and business contents.
Applications may involve sponsorships in the form of economic disbursements or technical sponsorships (provision of services or supply of goods). It is possible to submit nominations that include both forms for the same project or initiative (partly financial and partly technical).